Dubai travel with Indian passport and US Green card

A few months back we were traveling to India on Emirates airlines and decided to spend a week  in Dubai when returning back to the US.

Indian passport holders with US green card need a visa to enter Dubai. If you are ticketed on Emirates airlines, then the airlines can sponsor the visa. The visa can be obtained from the CIBT emirates site A 30 day visa will cost around 73US$ at the time of posting this entry. Application process is straightforward, scanned copies of passports are required.

The visa will be an email, which you need to carry at the time of entering Dubai.

The immigration formalities were as follows :-

1) We had to go to a section with the board visa collection, there was separate section called Passport control, but Indian citizens had to go to the visa collection section first, here the immigration authorities will see your email printout and do an iris scan and stamp the entry date on your email printout.

2) Once step 1) was done, we had to go to the passport control line, where the authorities stamped the entry date on the passport.

Currency is Dirhams, which you can exchange in counters within the airport.

Formalities when exiting Dubai :-

1) The exit date was stamped on the passport.


3 responses to “Dubai travel with Indian passport and US Green card

  1. jeliben nathubhai patel

    i want to visit dubai on 16th of january 2012. i am indian pass port holder and i have us green card. do i need visa to visit dubai on my on word journey to india. please reply immediately.
    jeliben n patel

    • When we transited through Dubai in 2011, we did not need a visa when we traveled to India via Dubai (we did not cross immigration and stayed in the airport).

      However while we were returning back to US, we wanted to spend some time in Dubai (abt a week visiting the city), for this we needed a visa which we applied and got through the airlines. (Emirates)

  2. Hey, i am going to India for a month from us to hyd. i want to spend at least a week, but i got to know is how do i change my flight change from india to usa to dubai to usa. if I am going to spend time in dubai for last five days do i have to go back to india to catch my usa flight or can the emirates change the flight to dubai to usa. Also if the emirates give me the visa, do i have pay for ticket or will they just exchange the time on the ticket. please reply back thankx

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